I'm following an instruction video in a course I have to take. The task is to write a simple function in R and load it to the console.
The instructions are to write the code as follows:

myfunction <- function() (  
    x <- rnorm(100)  

When I attempt to copy this to the console it gives the following error:

Error: unexpected symbol in:
"x <- rnorm(100)

Then when I type myfunction into the console as instructed I get this:

x <- rnorm (100)

I could find a way around this if it were not a course where I obviously have to follow this instructions given. But since it is and I am entirely new to R I hope that someone will help me identify the error here so i can get this to work properly.
I'm using windows 10 and R 3.5 Thank you.

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The reason is that you are using ( instead of { to define the function body. This should resolve the error -

myfunction <- function() {  
    x <- rnorm(100)  
  • OMG thank you. I guess video quality is more important than I anticipated. I feel like I should have know this from using basics of other languages though :/ – AM0 Jul 13 at 5:55

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