I've defined two RCs. The first is VectorCharacterElements. I've assigned a validity test to it.

VectorCharacterElements <- setRefClass(
  fields = list(vec = "character", el1 = "character", el2 = "character")

ValidVectorCharacterElements <- function(object) {
  if (length(object$vec) < 2) {
    cat("Length of `vec` must be greater than or equal to two.")

setValidity("VectorCharacterElements", ValidVectorCharacterElements)

I'm trying to define a second RC, VectorCharacterElementsDistance. It uses VectorCharacterElements as a field.

VectorCharacterElementsDistance <- setRefClass(
  fields = list(vce = "VectorCharacterElements", d = "numeric")

However, I'm getting an error when I run the above code.

Length of vec must be greater than or equal to two. Error in validObject(.Object) : invalid class “VectorCharacterElements” object: FALSE

The error is from the validation method I defined for VectorCharacterElements.


How can I keep validation for VectorCharacterElements, and ensure vce is of type VectorCharacterElements in VectorCharacterElementsDistance?


The error won't present itself if I use contains.

VectorCharacterElementsDistance <- setRefClass(
  contains = "VectorCharacterElements",
  fields = list(d = "numeric")

But, I would like to avoid inheriting from VectorCharacterElements.

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