I have a temporary table (products_temp) with some data, and I have another table (products) I need to insert the data into. I have some constants I need to set manually on new records, like vendor_id=1, etc...

Is it possible to do the insertion with the temporary table data and the constants in one request?


product_name | product_desc | category_name | mf_name ...

products (category_name, mf_name is not in):

product_id | product_name | product_desc | vendor_id | distributor_id ...


vendor_id=1, distributor_id=2

Use an INSERT ... SELECT statement where you are selecting constant values as well as data from products_temp:

INSERT INTO products (product_data, vendor_id)
    SELECT data, '1' FROM products_temp
  • genius! didn't think about that Apr 29 '13 at 22:04

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