Am not able to decrypt a message using the following code. I replaced the following variables .

$keyASCII = I put my PGP key.
$msgASCII =I put my encrypted message.
and I replaced $argv[2] with my pass.

// USAGE: php examples/deASCIIdeCrypt.php secretkey.asc password message.asc
// This will fail if the algo on key or message is not 3DES or AES

require_once dirname(FILE).'/../lib/openpgp.php';
require_once dirname(FILE).'/../lib/openpgp_crypt_rsa.php';
require_once dirname(FILE).'/../lib/openpgp_crypt_symmetric.php';
$keyASCII = file_get_contents($argv[1]);
$msgASCII = file_get_contents($argv[3]);
$keyEncrypted = OpenPGP_Message::parse(OpenPGP::unarmor($keyASCII, 'PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK'));
// Try each secret key packet
foreach($keyEncrypted as $p) {
if(!($p instanceof OpenPGP_SecretKeyPacket)) continue;
$key = OpenPGP_Crypt_Symmetric::decryptSecretKey($argv[2], $p);
$msg = OpenPGP_Message::parse(OpenPGP::unarmor($msgASCII, 'PGP MESSAGE'));
$decryptor = new OpenPGP_Crypt_RSA($key);
$decrypted = $decryptor->decrypt($msg);

I tried to open the message in desktop tool its open only in php it will not open it

will load and fail after that timeout page will appear..

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