when I was using gerrit query ssh -p 29418 exueniu@selngerrit.mo.sw.xxx.se gerrit query --start 10 status:merged 'project:wmr/wmr_xxx' it will only give me at most 500 results.

type: stats
rowCount: 500
runTimeMilliseconds: 196
moreChanges: true

I have tried to use the parameter limit and set the limit to 700.

ssh -p 29418 exueniu@selngerrit.mo.sw.XXXX.se gerrit query --start 10 status:merged 'project:wmr/wmr_XXX' limit:700 it doesn't work, we still get only 500 results, anyone know how to get more results?


There's an internal 500 limit which is not explained very well in the Gerrit documentation:

If no limit is supplied an internal default limit is used to prevent explosion of the result set

To bypass this limit you need to have the Query Limit permission:

enter image description here

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