Unity3d - Vuforia-Unity: How to enable or disable a virtual button?

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Guess I found the solution myself!!

For Unity and Vuforia:

Approach #1:

As every entity in Unity is a GameObject, we can find virtual button using approach below:

To enable/disable a virtual button in C# script:

var myVirtualBtn = GameObject.Find("myVirtualButtonName"); // gameobject name above transform settings section
if(myVirtualBtn != null){
    myVirtualBtn.GetComponent<VirtualButtonBehavior>().enabled = true; // Makes touchable virtual btn.
    myVirtualBtn.GetComponent<VirtualButtonBehavior>().enabled = false; // Makes untouchable virtual btn.

Approach #2:

Skip registration of event handler associated with your virtual button

VirtualButtonBehaviour[] vbs = GetComponentsInChildren<VirtualButtonBehaviour>();
    for( int i = 0; i< vbs.Length; ++i)
       if(vbs[i].VirtualButtonName != "myVirtualButtonName") // Skip registration

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