I want to import keras.engine.topology in Tensorflow. I used to add the word tensorflow at the beginning of every Keras import if I want to use the Tensorflow version of Keras.

For example: instead of writing:

from keras.layers import Dense, Dropout, Input

I just write the following code and it works fine :

from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dense, Dropout, Input

But that's not the case for this specific import:

from tensorflow.keras.engine.topology import Layer, InputSpec

And I m getting the following error message:

No module named 'tensorflow.keras.engine'

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You can import Layer and InputSpec from TensorFlow as follows:

from tensorflow.python.keras.layers import Layer, InputSpec

UPDATE: 30/10/2019

from tensorflow.keras.layers import Layer, InputSpec

In the keras_vggface/models.py file, change the import from:

from keras.engine.topology import get_source_inputs


from keras.utils.layer_utils import get_source_inputs

In order to import keras.engine you may try using:

import tensorflow.python.keras.engine

Note: But from tensorflow.python.keras.engine you cannot import topology

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