I used to have two separate gpg keys(pair of keys) - one to encrypt my personal emails that contained my gmail address in uid, and second key I used publicly to sign my commits and publish them with my another email.

I have recently changed this approach and just added both emails to one key, the other was just left to be expired. I am aware I made my gmail address public and it is fine for me.

Now, here is the problem: when I code and want to sign tags/commits, I have to have my 'dev' mail to be set as primary. However, when using thunderbird or gajim, the private gmail address shall be listed as first to avoid confusion.

At the moment I have to manually set one uid or the other as primary by writing in terminal:

gpg2 --edit <keyid>
uid 1 (or 2)

Does anyone now any more efficient way? I am aware of setting git config --global or editing ~/.gitconfig file. I know I can put signingkey option there and it is what I did since I always generate separate (third) key just to sign to avoid using primary key (so I can revoke just the subkey).

But this option only refers to key fingerprint, not the uid. Git config user.email and user.name sounds as a solution, however they do not correspond to the gpg identity.

In short: is there a way to set default gpg uid to be used by git or am I doomed to manually switching / having two separate keys?

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