Other website containing https:// is running in IE with Windows-10 version 1607.

But it is not opening with our application. https://browsejjedsstage.jnj.com. No such code inside the application level for security. This application is hosted in the weblogic 11g server. Security certificate is being installed over there. It's really starnge other version of Windows IE is working. Like Windows 7, Other version of Windows 10 except version 1607. Also the application is working in Google Chrome and Firefox. Is there any issue in TLS settings? We marked as checked in internet option with SSL3, TLS1.2, TLS1.1, TLS1.0

That TLS settings works on Windows 7. Also in Windows 10 - except version 1607.

Our client uses IE in Windows 10 version 1607. They also can open thoese in Chrome. But they are looking for the IE with Windows 10 verion 1607. Is there any luck?

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