I can't for the life of me make MySQL Workbench import NULL for blank cells in a CSV.

I've tried:

  • blank
  • NULL
  • \N
  • Each with and without ""

How the does one signify a cell is 'null' inside a CSV file I want to import into MySQL via Workbench?

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    Same problem... exported from another DB using Workbench and can't import nulls properly now, looks like developers forgot to test the import feature
    – szx
    Jul 30 '18 at 19:00
  • I eventually gave up and did a command-line import LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE but it's tedious to list all the column headers... Aug 8 '18 at 1:34

Since MySQL Workbench version 8.0.16 (released on 04/25/2019) there has been an additional option for uploading .csv file -- "null and NULL word as SQL keyword". When selecting this option as YES, the NULL expression without quotes in .csv file (,NULL, rather than ,"NULL",) will work for this purpose.

  • Nice find - I'll check this out when I have time. May 4 '19 at 0:35
  • Where is this option?
    – WBT
    Dec 12 '19 at 19:49

If you were trying to import a CSV into the model for creating insert scripts (where you won't get the same options described in the other answers), try the following:

\func NULL

You can also use this syntax to call functions like the following to insert the current date time when you forward engineer the model to the database:


You can solve your problem by updating your workbench to the newest.

enter image description here


I suggest switching to Navicat for MySQL -- if only for the csv table import wizard. After repeated attempts to get the MySQLWorkbench Import Wizard to work for my CSV file, I gave up. I recalled using Navicat in an early project and it worked flawlessly. For this import, I was able to load my 15000+ row CSV with multiple null datetime values into my MySQL table without a problem.

Weird that MySQLWorkbench still hasn't solved this annoyance. But Navicat provides an easy alternative until they do.

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