While building my Haskell programs with Stack, I'm trying to get the executable to be written to project/dist/ but no matter what command line arguments I use or config files I change, it always ends up in project/.stack-work/dist/x86_64-osx/Cabal-

After spending a decent amount of time looking at the command line arguments for the stack command, as well as options in project.cabal, Setup.hs, and stack.yaml, I can't seem to find how to configure the output location of stack build.

How do you configure the executable output location for stack build?


You can use the --copy-bins flag (or the install command) to copy the executables to some output directory. That destination directory can be controlled with --local-bin-path, but defaults to ~/.local/bin on POSIX systems.


stack path --local-install-root outputs path to build artifact. You just need to add /bin/name-of-my-exe to this path to get path of executable. And then you just run simple one-line bash script to copy executable to desired location.

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