I'm curious if AppleScript can access each specific tab in a browser and execute some javascript in them.

Anyone have ideas?

  • I know safari can execute javascript commands and you have access to the tabs in a window. My guess would be that you can't do this in other browsers because most of them are not apple-scriptable. Feb 27 '11 at 21:28

For Google Chrome, use execute from AppleScript Chromium Suite:

execute v : Execute a piece of javascript.

execute specifier : The tab to execute the command in.

javascript text : The javascript code to execute.


tell application "Google Chrome"
    execute front window's active tab javascript "alert('example');"
end tell

Can be done in Safari either:

tell application "Safari" to do JavaScript "alert('example')" in document 1

For other browsers, check the functions at File -> Open Dictionary on AppleScript editor.

  • Very helpful. It's a shame bookmarks can't do this. A small tip: put this as a here document for testing: cat <<EOF | osascript Jul 12 '18 at 1:08
  • 3
    Note: As of August 2018, you may need to navigate to ViewDeveloperAllow JavaScript from Apple Events for execute javascript to work. More info here. Aug 8 '18 at 17:02

The function below runs JavaScript in each tab of the frontmost window in Chrome and concatenates the output. To run JavaScript in in all windows, replace window 1 with windows.

xjss(){ osascript -e'on run {a}
    set o to ""
    tell app "Google Chrome" to repeat with t in (get tabs of window 1)
        tell t to set o to o & (execute JavaScript a) & linefeed
end' -- "$1"; }

This runs JavaScript in only the frontmost tab:

xjs(){ osascript -e'on run {a}
    tell app "Google Chrome" to tell active tab of window 1 to execute JavaScript a
end' -- "$1"; }

Here are similar functions for Safari:

sjss(){ osascript -e'on run {a}
    set o to ""
    tell app "Safari" to repeat with t in (get tabs of window 1)
        tell t to set o to o & (do JavaScript a) & linefeed
end' -- "$1"; }

sjs(){ osascript -e'on run {a}
    tell app "Safari" to tell document 1 to do JavaScript a
end' -- "$1"; }

Since some version of Chrome released in 2018, an error like this is shown by default when running an execute JavaScript command:

78:98: execution error: Google Chrome got an error: Executing JavaScript through AppleScript is turned off. To turn it on, from the menu bar, go to View > Developer > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events. For more information: https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=applescript (12)

Safari has a similar preference in "Develop > Allow JavaScript from Apple Events" which was turned off by default in macOS version 10.11.5 (released in 2016-05-16).


Recently Google Chrome disabled the ability to execute JavaScript via AppleScript. I'm having trouble finding a reference link, but in Chrome Canary v59 it doesn't work and gives a message saying it's disabled, and I'm seeing it still work in Chrome v57 so it's got to be very new.

  • javascript execution seems back to chrome 60+ now.
    – Ya Zhuang
    Oct 11 '17 at 10:52

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