While struggling to see Hibernate-generated SQL queries in JBoss7 log, I'm looking for a definitive answer to following question:

Q: Should entries in both of these config locations be present AT THE SAME TIME, or does any one override another?

1) in log4j.properties

log4j.logger.org.hibernate.SQL=ALL #or DEBUG

2) in persistence.xml

      <property name="hibernate.show_sql" value="true"/>

This is a vital question for me as I can only edit 1).

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The requirement for logging are these (ofc you have to specify a file appender):

1) on log4j2.xml

//if you put this to trace, you'll log the variables putted into the queries
<logger name="org.hibernate.type" level='trace' additivity="false" >
    <appender-ref ref='FileLog'></appender-ref>

2) on log4j2.xml

//with debug, you will log the query itself
<logger name='org.hibernate.SQL' level='debug' additivity='false'>
  <appender-ref ref='FileLog'></appender-ref>

3) on hibernate.cfg.xml

<property name="hibernate.show_sql">true</property>

EDIT: this is an example of appender

   <File name="FileLog" fileName="c:/path/your.log"></File>
  • OK, so I understand from this that they work in conjunction (not override one another). That is: I have to set BOTH (which I am unable to do, but good to know this is how it works). Jul 17, 2018 at 7:40

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