I just updated my python version to 3.7 but every time i activate my virtualenv i got the following error message: parameter format not correct - 65001

Anybody knows what this mean and how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!


I have had the same Issue. It only happened in Powershell. Windows CMD worked just fine. And use activate.bat and not activate (without bat). I hope this helps.

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    in case any other straggler finds his way here after trying the cmd as well - check if virtualenv doesn't activate despite this. in my case i got this error, and it took me some time to realize that there was a (venv) in front of the prompt. apparently you can sometimes just ignore this error. – MCO Oct 21 '18 at 6:10

I currently had the same issue. Please check this page here and this bug report.

The issue can be solved by modifying the codepage grep of activate.bat: for /f "tokens=2 delims=:." %%a in ('"%SystemRoot%\System32\chcp.com"') do (...

Just add the "." after "delims=:" in your activate.bat file. That worked for me.

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