Xcode (9.4.1) doesn't launch the Simulator app at all when I try to run a watchOS app.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select the scheme

Select the scheme

  1. Hit run

Hit run

  1. Build succeeds, waiting to attach.

Waiting to attach

  1. And here is where it gets stuck. Nothing happens from here. The Simulator app never gets launched.

Simulator not launched

Simulator Launch Workaround

The Simulator can be opened manually. Then, Xcode installs the watchOS app on the watchOS Simulator and the iOS app on the iOS Simulator.

But here is the next problem: Once it has installed the apps it doesn't launch the watchOS app, even though i've set the launch to Automatically in the Scheme Editor.

Launch option in Scheme editor

watchOS App Launch Workaround

Go to the watchOS home screen and tap the app icon to open it.

I know that all the workarounds should not be necessary. And it all worked before.

Other information:

  • I had installed the Xcode 10 beta 3 recently but I removed it already
  • I removed the derived data

I had to virtually connect the watch and phone via simulator to get it running. Like you would on iPhone to get it connected.

I found it odd but after that I had no issues. Go to the watch app via the iPhone simulator and pair the virtual watch then Presto!

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