I was browsing through this file of code and then I found this class:

class StreamPlaylistEntry(BasePlaylistEntry):
def __init__(self, playlist, url, title, *, destination=None, **meta):

I know that an asterisk in front of a parameter means it's a list of an arbitrary number of arguments, but what does the asterisk by itself mean?


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It means all arguments afterwards are keyword-only. As said in the official glossary under the word parameter:

  • keyword-only: specifies an argument that can be supplied only by keyword. Keyword-only parameters can be defined by including a single var-positional parameter or bare * in the parameter list of the function definition before them, for example kw_only1 and kw_only2 in the following:

    def func(arg, *, kw_only1, kw_only2): ...
  • could you give some use cases for the keyword-only parameters?
    – tmo
    Nov 17, 2021 at 0:33

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