I've created a stored procedure with dynamic query. The values are returned to my app in C# with Dapper.

The following code works, the rows are returned to my app and are shown in SQL Server.

set @query = 'Select * from invoices';
exec sp_executesql @query

But when I build the query, something like this:

Dynamic query build:

'SELECT * FROM Invoices AS i    
 LEFT JOIN InvoiceInformations AS ii ON i.InvoiceId = ii.InvoiceId  
 WHERE 1 = 1';

exec sp_executesql @query

The rows are displayed correctly in SQL Server, but in C#, I got nothing.

It's important to say that it only happens when I build the query dynamically, but the query is ok, I printed it, run it manually and it works.

C# code (this works):

var invoices = await dbConnection.QueryAsync<Invoices>("sp_get_invoices", commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure);

Please help!!

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    Can you share the code for your procedure? Also, you should consider not using sp_ as a prefix. Either choose something different, or even better no prefix at all. sqlperformance.com/2012/10/t-sql-queries/sp_prefix – Sean Lange Jul 16 '18 at 16:12
  • I'm not sure that you can apply an alias to a join using "AS" - try chaining LEFT JOIN InvoiceInformations as ii to LEFT JOIN InvoiceInformations ii – Rick Hodder Jul 16 '18 at 16:20

I've resolved it, I was looking in the stored procedure but it was ok. the problem was in the parameters of Dapper.

I had some values NOT NULLABLES, like InvoiceId

var invoices = await dbConnection.QueryAsync<Invoices>("sp_get_invoices",
                        InvoiceId = filter.InvoiceId,
                        Currency = filter.Currency
                    }, commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure);

my stored procedure verifies:

if (InvoiceId IS NOT NULL)
  SET @Query = @Query + ' AND i.InvoiceId = ' + CAST(@InvoiceId as varchar(10));

I just nullable it on C#

        public int? InvoiceId { get; set; }
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