I have two simple models Question and Choice (one question has multiple choices). I have used inline formset to add Choices along with adding Questions (through modelAdmin functionality).

class Question(models.Model):
    category = models.CharField(max_length=50)
    question_text = RichTextField(max_length=2000, verbose_name="Question Text", blank=True)

class Choice(models.Model):
    question = models.ForeignKey(Question)
    description = RichTextField(max_length=500, verbose_name="Choice Description")
    is_correct = models.BooleanField(default=False)

Now the fields of Choice and Question are RichTextField defined in django-ckeditor. The issue is when I click on "Add another choice" I get an uncaught exception: [CKEDITOR.editor] The instance "id_choice_set-__prefix__-description" already exists, which disrupts the ckeditor functionality.

Any ideas/suggestions how to fix this issue? I think some JS tweaks can help but I have a very limited knowledge in JS/Jquery


  • I tried both admin and grappelli. Neither work. prefix should get replaced with the number but isn't because django doesn't expect a prefix to be in a javascript function. Here are some thoughts. django/contrib/admin/media/js/inlines.js See how prefix is replaced, it doesn't replace it in the javascript. I wrote my own function something like el.html(el.html().replace(id_regex, replacement)); this replaces it correctly in the javascript code. BUT by then it executed incorrectly. ckeditor/widgets.py contains the code that writes the javascript, not sure where to go from here :(
    – Bufke
    Commented Jun 15, 2011 at 21:54

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I encountered similar issue and found a fix here.

It's caused by Inline usage,try install the forked version to have try.

Though 6 months pass,hope this help those who got similar issue.


Line 66 of django-ckeditor's widgets.py is where your problems seems to originate.

Essentially it seems, the substitution made for final_attr['id'] is where you are getting the __prefix__ from. Looking through the framework source code, line 151 of Django's forms/formsets.py is where that value comes from. Also, from the source, it seems that value will be replaced by the default prefix i.e. 'form' in all cases except if you are using _get_empty_form() incorrectly somehow.

It would be helpful if you provide/answer the following:

  1. Once your page is rendered, but before you "Add another choice", post the tag attributes from your rendered formset (incl. the management form).

  2. Are you using _get_empty_form() directly at any point in your code?

  3. Code for the view where you create the formset and where you render it.

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