I'm using QT 5.9.2, I wrote the following code to save the image of 25.8Mbytes in png format:

auto urlImage = QUrl(QString("%1/ref.png").arg(url.toString()));
qInfo() << QObject::tr("Save image") << urlImage.toLocalFile();
qInfo() << QObject::tr("Done:")<<image_.width()<<"x"<<image_.height();

and, the following is the log info:

[75432] [17:00:15.175] [+] "Save image" "c:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/Models/1/18-07-16-16-03-41/ref.png"
[75432] [17:00:39.538] [+] "Done:" 7296 x 2885

the image_ is QImage, the save method took more than 20 seconds! How can I speed up this.

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    Are you writing to an old hard-drive (not an SSD)? Is the drive busy with other requests? Is your computer generally busy? Is the drive you write to slow normally? – Some programmer dude Jul 17 '18 at 9:17
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    Try compiling with -Os or -O2 flag. – ConsistentProgrammer Jul 17 '18 at 9:32

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