I always get a Connection Test Failed when trying to add an Azure function as an output sink to Stream Analytics Job. The Azure function works fine by itself and I can also call it using Postman. As soon as I add the Azure function, I get the Connection Test failed error message.
Azure function returned an HTTP error. An error occurred while sending the request.

Pic 1: Adding Azure function as output sink to Stream Analytics Job

Pic 2: Error message - Connection Test Failed

  • Hi Milton, Sid from the Stream Analytics team here. Are you seeing a connection closed error? Can you share details of your ASA job to our Twitter handle (via DM) so we can investigate? twitter.com/AzureStreaming – Sid Ramadoss Jul 18 '18 at 18:34
  • Hi Milton, Katy from the Azure Functions team here. Can you share the following information so I can investigate the logs on our end: your function app's region, the app's name (you can do so privately), and timeframe this happened in. – Katy Shimizu Jul 19 '18 at 1:07
  • @KatyShimizu - Here is the information you requested... 2018-07-20T01:27:55.398 [Info] Function completed (Success, Id=d1e1bb57-0b79-4894-ba81-c80940a02eb6, Duration=1ms) – Milton Jul 20 '18 at 1:30
  • Thank you Milton. Can you also share the region your function app is deployed in? – Katy Shimizu Jul 20 '18 at 18:35
  • @KatyShimzu - East US – Milton Jul 20 '18 at 22:11

I got the same issue. The solution that works for me was to set up:

Minimum TLS version: 1.0 (by default it was 1.2) for my function app.

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Thanks !! Yes, once I tried your workaround, it mysteriously started working. Changed it to Min TLS Version 1.0, then tried accessing using Postman (this was working before, but just wanted to make sure it was still working) and then tried from Stream Analytics Job (and voila, it worked !!). Everything worked fine !! – Milton Jul 25 '18 at 2:50

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