Is there a way to let my code compile with ts-node even if there is unused property warnings in one line of my .ts file without setting "noUnusedLocals": false in my tsconfig.json file?


Since TypeScript 2.6 you can suppress errors with // @ts-ignore.

A // @ts-ignore comment suppresses all errors that originate on the following line. It is recommended practice to have the remainder of the comment following @ts-ignore explain which error is being suppressed.

Please note that this comment only suppresses the error reporting, and we recommend you use this comments very sparingly.

source (release notes TypeScript 2.6

If the error is an tslint error then you can disable them with

// tslint:disable-next-line

See https://palantir.github.io/tslint/usage/rule-flags/ for more information.

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    FYI - my eslint is recommending to use // @ts-expect-error in preference to ignore Feb 12 at 5:16

It is now possible to use _ for unused params.

function myFunc(_, b: string) {}
function otherFunc(_, _1, c: string) {} // multiple unsused



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