I have just started with Spring Web Flow. I have a basic doubt. In case of Spring MVC, the @RequestMapping contains the URL mapping, say for eg, @RequestMapping("/home"), this means, when the URL nodeContent is /home, the Contorller with @RequestMapping("/home") will be delegated by the dispatcher servlet. In case of Spring Web Flow, how is this mapping done? I mean, how do we even identify the request URL? is it the flow-location id in flow-registry? Basically, I want to know how to identify that when a Spring web flow is invoked based on what kind of URL request? eq- "https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask", if this URL has to invoke a flow, how is the mapping done with the URL /ask. Please can anyone answer this?


The main thinks is, there are two beans which is complete the mapping. First of all,

FlowHandlerMapping : in general, DispatcherServlet know the request mapping by handler mapping, but in WebFlow, FlowHandlerMapping helps DispathcerServlet to know the mapping. Basically it's "flow-registry". When hit the url, then it's get the url with the id. now it's ready to execute the flow.

FlowHandlerAdapter : When the executable flow url is ready then it's try to load the flow file with id like


Once you successfully get the path then flow will start. The flow will continue until view-state to end-state.

Maintain the order of your view page, because next flow will come in order. If you have any question, leave in comment section.

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