What is the difference between iCalendar and CalDav?

  • See this answer for the user's perspective on subscribing to an iCal over HTTP vs. CalDav. – sondra.kinsey Jun 12 at 19:17

CalDAV is a protocol extension for WebDAV and can used to manipulate data in the iCalendar format. So CalDAV is like the HTTP for calendar stuff, and iCalendar is like HTML.

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    People on the internet use the terms icalendar and CalDAV interchangeably. "so caldav is like the http for calender stuff, and ical is like html". I think this explains it best. – abj Feb 28 '11 at 15:08

iCalendar is a file format that can be used to store and transport calendar entries.

CalDAV is a protocol specification, based on HTTP/WebDAV, that can be used to interact with remote calendars.

CalDAV uses the iCalendar format to represent the actual entries.


Main use-case differences are:


  • Read-only
  • Just one file with all events, so client have to download whole feed (so syncing is not data effective)


  • Read-write
  • Like multiple files, so client can download only some events (support effective syncing)
  • Access control list
  • Read-free-busy (see only time, not details about event)

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