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I have a flask application with several blueprints names as auth,admin,user I am having one secret key in view.py of auth blueprint.

How to make this as a global key so that I can use it everywhere in the app

I set secret_key = 'A0Zr98j/3yX R~XHH!jmN]LWX/,?RT' in run.py file. But not working

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You could create a new file with something like:

# config.py
import os
class Config(object):
    SECRET_KEY = 'A0Zr98j/3yX R~XHH!jmN]LWX/,?RT'

And then in your flask __init__.py file import it:

from config import Config
# And after the flask app instanciation you do

This way you will only need to call it by flask_app_instance.config["SECRET_KEY"]

EDIT: well OP found the solution, leaving this here anyway


If you are planing to deploy your whatever you're doing you should consider not writing the secret_key inside your script and do something like this instead:

SECRET_KEY = os.environ.get('SECRET_KEY') or 'some secret key here'

This will take grab the secret key from a env var (called SECRET_KEY) from the machine the server is on


Solved this issue. I forgot to import session to the views.

When I imported session, problem was solved

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