I have a module whose sole contents is the following. But for the purposes of this post we can assume it contains many more functions

exports.sayhello = function() {

From these two posts:

Browserify - How to call function bundled in a file generated through browserify in browser

JS, Browserify: function not defined

I know I can export my entire module in my index.js file, like this:

var testmodule = require('./typescript/build/puzzle-setup')
window.testmodule = testmodule 

But that doesn't seem like a great solution, so I tried doing this instead:

var test = require('./typescript/build/puzzle-setup')
module.exports = test 

with the command

browserify src/index.js --standalone appBundle > dist/bundle.js

but, typing appBundle.test.sayhello() doesn't work in the Chrome console.

How can I export an entire module?

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