In one column I have to 10 times and dates (I have merged date and time in a cell). How do I find top 5 earliest dates and times? I can’t use function MIN() because I have date and time together. How should I write the function?

  • Welcome to Stack Overflow! Excel always stores date and time together, even if it's not displayed, so that should not matter. (besides, if there are 6 records on the same day, wouldn't it be good to use the time to determine the earliest 5?) There are plenty of examples online showing 5 to find the smallest X items of a list. Please share an example of your data as well as anything you have tried so far. Also, see "How to Ask" as well as how to create a minimal reproducible example. More great tips from Stack Overflow's top user here. – ashleedawg Jul 19 '18 at 6:31

You need to first format your data in date/time format in Excel.

Example, the following data is entered

16/7/2018 15:00
18/7/2018 12:05
25/8/2018 11:00
13/7/2018 09:00
15/7/2018 14:00
15/7/2018 11:00

You can use the formula =small(range, rank) to find the smallest n figure. For instance, =SMALL($A$1:$A$6,1) would give the smallest (earliest) date, 13/7/2018 09:00 in this case. =SMALL($A$1:$A$6, 2) would give the second smallest (earliest) date, 15/7/2018 11:00 in this case.

Excel Earliest Date

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