In MS SQL I can do something like this:

if not exists (select * 
from table_1
inner join table_2 on table_1.id = table_2.id
where table_1.y = 200 and table_2.x =5)
insert into table_1  values (200,1000)
insert into table_2 values (5,1000)

Can I do something like this in Oracle DB ?

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    Have you tried it?
    – Geshode
    Commented Jul 19, 2018 at 8:11

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One way could be by using variables to check whatever you need and then decide what to do; for example:

  vCheck   number;
  select count(*)
  into vCheck
  from ...
  where ...;
  if vCheck = 0 then
    insert ...;
    insert ...;
  end if;

You can use one or more variables, depending on the check you need to do, and then adapt the IF condition to implement more complex logics.

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