I need to load bean definitions from XML. The file is in a remote location (http) which is configured by properties. The properties should also be loaded from a remote location (a spring cloud config server)


  • Spring 4.3.14 (not boot)
  • should be in runtime and after my properties already loaded
  • beans defined in xml are referencing properties in context
  • server URI (to fetch the xml from) should be in properties and not environment variable or profile depandant

The current setup I have works well when MY_XML_URI is passed as environment variable:


<import resource="${MY_XML_URI}/myBeans.xml"/>

And in the remote location, myBeans.xml with lots of beans e.g.

<bean name="mySpecialBean" class="com.example.MyGenericBean">
        <constructor-arg value="mySpecialBean"/>
        <constructor-arg value="${special.bean.config.expression}"/>

However trouble starts when I want to get MY_XML_URI from the properties context, it doesn't resolve …

I have tried several approaches e.g:

  • java configuration class with @ImportResource({"${xml.server.uri}"}) but the properties are not loaded yet so it not converting to real value of xml.server.uri .

    public class MyConfiguration {}
  • expose dummy bean which fetch xml as resource and load the beans to parent applicationcontext - i must have it available to other beans dependant on those beans defined in xml. This solution was not injecting the properties context to my beans so failed to init them.

    public class RiskConfig {
            private String xmlUri;
            public Object myBean(ApplicationContext applicationContext) {
                    Resource resource = applicationContext.getResource(xmlUri + "myBeans.xml");
    //              not working since its not loading the beans to the main context
    //              GenericApplicationContext genericApplicationContext = new GenericApplicationContext(applicationContext);
    //              XmlBeanDefinitionReader reader = new XmlBeanDefinitionReader(genericApplicationContext);
    //              reader.loadBeanDefinitions(resource);
                    AutowireCapableBeanFactory factory = applicationContext.getAutowireCapableBeanFactory();
                    BeanDefinitionRegistry registry = (BeanDefinitionRegistry) factory;
                    XmlBeanDefinitionReader reader = new XmlBeanDefinitionReader(registry);
                    return new Object();

Finally - is there a way to load the beans from xml programmatically to parent application context (which is already exist) though they are injected with properties.

  • placeholders in import elements are only resolved from the system properties or the environment. Not from loaded property files. Loading property files and contexts isn't a multi pass operation, so what you want isn't possible. At least not possible without coding something up yourself. – M. Deinum Jul 19 '18 at 8:38
  • @m-deinum i don't mind coding something, do you have any specific suggestion or some spring hook to implement for this ? – Yoni Jul 19 '18 at 19:32

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