I'm missing something.

I recently watched the talk here, where the flutter devs are going through using the bloc development method with reactivex in Dart. If I'm using these streams and streamBuilders to manage data flowing through my app, and rebuild appropriately, does it behoove me to use a StatefulWidget, where I'm using the bloc method anyway? I guess more specifically, why would I want to complicate my app using streams and states, when I could just use streams, wrap what I need to in a provider, wrap some widgets in a streamBuilder, and call it a day?


When using StreamBuilder you are in fact using a StatefulWidget which listen to that Stream. The only difference is that you don't write setState yourself.

Another common use-case is for animations. If you want transitions such as fade/translate/whatever; you'll have to use AnimationController. Which you will store inside a custom StatefulWidget

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    Also for text input fields (TextInputController) – boformer Jul 19 '18 at 19:40

You can use a StatelessWidget or a StatefulWidget and everything will work fine but, in those instances where I have needed to initialise state in my bloc, I have used a StatefulWidget and put my initialisation logic inside the initState() override.

(please correct me kindly if this isn't best practice, I'm new to bloc, flutter and streams!)

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