I changed my profile picture on github quite some time ago, but whenever I share a link to any of my repositories via telegram, it still displays old profile pic. If I share it via skype, correct image is displayed.

I tried to use webpage bot and /updatepreview command, it says that "Link previews was updated successfully. Check them out!" but the image is still the same (not updated)!

How can I make telegram clean cache for links from my github account?

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I used webpagebot like this answer from another thread to fix my GitHub avatar and it is working for me.

After giving the URL to the bot, I had to push Update with Content.


Have you tried appending /?v=n at the end of the URL when sharing the link? n can be any number but should be increasing after every update you make

  • I think the point is to have this work on arbitrary github repo links, begging the question what image link is used for that. Mar 19, 2019 at 21:22

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