I subscribe on notification from AVAudioSessionRouteChange

                                               selector: #selector(handleRouteChange),  
                                               name: .AVAudioSessionRouteChange,  
                                               object: AVAudioSession.sharedInstance())  

@objc func handleRouteChange(_ notification: Notification) { 


When I push content to Airplay I get notify from .AVAudioSessionRouteChange, but when I try return to play on my application notify does not coming. In IOS <= 11.4 it work ok.

Maybe anyone has the same problem, please help resolve.

  • Hi Dmitry. I faced the same issue today. It is reproducible in iOS 12 also. Did you find any other way to get notifications when routing is changed from AirPlay back to device? – Mxdq Jan 18 at 14:15

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