Is there a simple way to make a log-log plot or semilog plot in Julia? This link provides a sort of clunky way to do it, but given the general ethos of Julia I suspect there's a shorter way.

  • I suggest that you use Plots.jl package to make plots with Plotly so that you can plot much easier and switch to other backends(e.g. PyPlot, GR etc.) without a change in your code. @Yly's answer shows how you can make log plot using Plots.jl. – hckr Jul 20 '18 at 15:50

As described here, you can accomplish this with magic arguments yaxis=:log or xaxis=:log.

using Plots 
x = 1:100
# log-log plot
plot(x.^2, xaxis=:log, yaxis=:log)
# semilog plot 
plot(x.^2, xaxis=:log) 

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