In ASP.NET MVC, how does the controller pass information between the model and the view?

Let's say I have a list of baseball players in my database. After I query those players using LINQ in the controller, how do I then pass this information on to view (my list of baseball players and their stats)?

And after I pass them onto the view, how do I use the inline code in the views html to loop through and display it?


The controller has a ViewData field that you can use. It's a dictionary and you can use like that:

ViewData["players"] = yourList;

After that you can access the same ViewData on the View:

<? foreach(var player in ViewData["players"] as List) {} ?>

You can also make a strong typed view, changing the view base class from ViewPage to ViewPage < T >, where T is your user-defined class. At the controller you return the class on the return method View() and access it on the view using the ViewModel property.


Check out the ASP.NET MVC Tutorials at http://www.asp.net/learn/mvc/, in particular the first 3 tutorials on Models, Controllers and Views, and how they interact.

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