Mysql database has a table(id bigint auto_increment primary key, xx), and springboot code follows:

@Insert({"insert into table(xx) " +
            "values (#{xx}"})
@Options(useGeneratedKeys=true, keyProperty="id", keyColumn="id")
int save(Data data);

We all known, our insert sql language does not contail id field, when we specify useGeneratedKeys=true, keyProperty="id",then we invoke save method, the object data return the id value(which success to insert into the database and return valid id value).

But insert into sql only return affected rows, why return valid data.id value?

The distribute system how to ensure the unique id from mybatis returned if mybatis has not second query id from mysql?

How the mybatis realize it?

Does it query the id after insert into sql??

So does the insert into sql has two request database(first is insert into, second is query id value)?

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