I use DDEV as a development environment for a TYPO3 project. I want to have Redis server available (for cache). How can I achieve that?

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In order to have Redis available for TYPO3 you need to have:

  1. Redis server

    To create redis server for your project, just create a file .ddev/docker-compose.redis.yaml with following content:

    # ddev redis recipe file
    version: '3.6'
        container_name: ddev-${DDEV_SITENAME}-redis
        image: redis:4
        restart: always
          - 6379
          com.ddev.site-name: ${DDEV_SITENAME}
          com.ddev.approot: $DDEV_APPROOT
          com.ddev.app-url: $DDEV_URL
          - HTTP_EXPOSE=6379
        volumes: []
          - redis:$DDEV_HOSTNAME
  2. php-redis module installed (for DDEV < v1.1.0) If you have the most recent DDEV version, you can skip this step. Older versions of DDEV docker images (below v1.1.0) don't have php-redis package installed. So we need to do it manually, by adding a post-start hook. The hook will be executed every time you call

    Put following code in your config.yaml file:

        - exec: "sudo apt-get update"
        - exec: "sudo apt-get install php-redis -y"
        - exec: "killall php-fpm"
        - exec: "sudo apt-get install redis-tools -y"

    The last line (with redis-tools) is optional. It installs redis-cli tool which can be used to verify if you can connect to redis:

    > ddev-start.
    > ddev restart
    > ddev ssh
    >> redis-cli -h redis
    redis:6379> select 0
  3. Configure your application to use Redis

    Use redis as a host, and port 6379.

  • php-fpm isn't run by the standard startup system, it's run by supervisord, so probably just killing it will get a proper restart, killall php-fpm instead of /etc/init.d/... Also, it's a one-word PR to add php-redis :) Could you please update #3 to be (slightly) more generic as it's completely TYPO3-centric right now. Maybe we'll get the Drupal version added here soon. – rfay Jul 23 at 12:48
  • 1
    I've updated the answer. Thanks for the notes! – Tymoteusz Motylewski Jul 23 at 13:23
  • why using links? It's deprecated: docs.docker.com/network/links – stmllr Jul 23 at 20:41
  • @stmllr because it is how ddev is handling this currently. See issue opened by me: github.com/drud/ddev/issues/813 – Tymoteusz Motylewski Jul 24 at 8:11
  • 1
    thats right @rfay I kept them separate, as not everybody needs redis-cli (redis-tools), it's just for verifying if everything works or debugging – Tymoteusz Motylewski Aug 8 at 8:03

FYI! DDEV added PHP-Redis to the web container, as of DDEV v1.1.0 on 15 Aug.


"More services! We’ve added PHP-Redis to the web container. We heard repeatedly that not having Redis was a major hurdle for people who wanted to use DDEV. We hope this helps!"

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