I am trying to insert data, by the query:

insert into email (emailAddress, isPreferredEmail, customer_id, upload_id)
select cast(Email as char(100)) a,
       (select id from customer c where c.dbvehregno=ChassisNo),
  from hyundaiindividualreport
 where id in (select max(id) 
                from hyundaiindividualreport 
               where length(Email>=5) 
                 and uploadid=900 
               group by ChassisNo);

But it's throwing:

  Error Code: 1292. Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value

Email Table structure:

 Table: email
email_Id bigint(20) AI PK, 
emailAddress varchar(300) ,
isPreferredEmail bit(1) ,
updatedBy varchar(255) ,
customer_id bigint(20) ,
upload_id varchar(255)
  • "the syntax of length function was wrong, but its raising that error so i got confused. " is it fixed now? if not provide table structures and some example data from both tables and place it on db-fiddle.com.. if it is fixed you could consider accepting @GordonLinoff answer. – Raymond Nijland Jul 23 at 12:20
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This expression does not look right:

length(Email >= 5)

I think you mean:

length(Email) >= 5

However, it seems surprising that it would generate that particular error in MySQL.

  • Yes that is correct, thank you. – Ranjan m Jul 23 at 11:40
  • This expression will not raise such error (sqlfiddle.com/#!9/9eecb/50436), it must be something else, MySQL in fact evaluate the boolean expression, then self implicit convert it to a varchar and returns 1 – Jorge Campos Jul 23 at 11:41
  • the syntax of length function was wrong, but its raising that error so i got confused. – Ranjan m Jul 23 at 11:45

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