I have TYPO3 development environment set up using DDEV. Now I want to add Solr server to it, and use Ext:Solr extension for indexing and searching.

How can I set up Solr server to be available from the ddev web container?

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In order to configure Solr server for TYPO3 using DDEV you need to follow these steps:

  1. Configure Solr container

    Create .ddev/docker-compose.solr.yaml file:

    version: '3.6'
        image: typo3solr/ext-solr:8.0.3
        restart: always
          - 8983
          com.ddev.site-name: ${DDEV_SITENAME}
          com.ddev.approot: $DDEV_APPROOT
          com.ddev.app-url: $DDEV_URL
          - HTTP_EXPOSE=8983
          - "./solr:/opt/solr/server/solr"
          - "$HOME/.ddev/${DDEV_SITENAME}/solr/data:/opt/solr/server/solr/data"
          - solr:$DDEV_HOSTNAME

    For more details about the configuration, take a look at ddev documentation: https://ddev.readthedocs.io/en/latest/users/extend/custom-compose-files/

    This configuration will create Solr container and make Solr admin panel being available through http://<project-name>.ddev.local:8983/solr/ from your host machine.

  2. Copy default Solr configuration from Ext:Solr to ddev

    Create the folder path .ddev/solr. Then copy the Solr configuration and cores configuration from typo3conf/ext/solr/Resources/Private/Solr to .ddev/solr.

    So you should have a structure under .ddev/solr:

    • /solr.xml
    • /cores/
    • /configsets/
  3. Allow Solr to access your web container for indexing.

    Following configuration makes local domain being available for crawling from within docker web container, see issue: https://github.com/drud/ddev/issues/842

    Create .ddev/docker-compose.hosts.yaml file:

    version: '3'
         - "${DDEV_SITENAME}.ddev.local:"
  4. Configure TYPO3 to access Solr

    You can do it using TypoScript:

    plugin.tx_solr {
     solr {
       host = solr
       port = 8983
       path = /solr/core_en/
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    It works like a charm except that the index data is lost if you remove the container (quite logically). With ddev the mysql (mariadb) container is configured to store the data on the host system. If you add a line to the volumes: - "$HOME/.ddev/${DDEV_SITENAME}/solr/data:/opt/solr/server/solr/data" then the index data is stored in the home directory on the host system. You can now remove the container (ddev rm) and start it again without losing data. – Jigal van Hemert Jul 27 at 7:23
  • @JigalvanHemert thanks for the hint, I've updated the answer. – Tymoteusz Motylewski Jul 27 at 8:24
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    Please edit for docker-compose yaml version 3.6 thanks! – rfay Aug 17 at 13:37
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    Important reference for multiple solr cores: glamanate.com/blog/using-multiple-solr-cores-ddev – rfay Oct 31 at 13:21

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