No matter what php extention i install with sudo pecl install xxx, i was failed and got the following error tips:

enter image description here

Is there anyone who had the same problem ?

You must run this as root if you want to install it in that location. If you cannot elevate your rights, then you need to install it elsewhere or ask your admin to do that for you.

  • Thanks for your answer. I do run the command with the root user on my personal computer. But I failed. I even used the chown command to change the group to which I belonged. – Yang Zhou Jul 23 at 18:16
  • Error message: ERROR: failed to mkdir /usr/include/php/ext/msgpack – Yang Zhou Jul 23 at 18:17
  • the error may indicate that either you do NOT run this as root, or that the mkdir is run without -p option so one/more of elements of target path does not exist and mkdir fails. – Marcin Orlowski Jul 23 at 18:21

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