Each time I'm trying to switch branches, but I'm getting the usual error that I need to commit/slash first my changes before doing so. The branch I'm in is the dev, so I don't think I made any changes there. Anyway, I only commit to my own branch the create a pull request.

  1. I've tried to undo the changes by right clicking the file, then select undo changes
  2. Discard on sourcetree
  3. I've tried git checkout .
  4. I've done what it's recommended in this post
  5. I close Visual Studio, delete the local folder, delete the tab on SourceTree, the re-clone the dev clone.

Each time I open SourceTree and/or Visual Studio, I still see that file appSettings.test.json, that I didn't changes, complaining about changes that I need to commit.

I want to have a clean dev on my local.

Thanks for helping

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    if discard didnt work. Try setting up the same repo in a different folder. Otherwise, enable hidden files, go into the .git-folder and remove the logs. – Joel Jul 23 '18 at 20:06

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