I've got a bit of Javascript defined as:

populateOptions() {
    var statesMap = [{1: 10}, {2: 20}, {3: 30}];

    return statesMap.map((option, index) => (
        <option key={index} value={option}>{option}</option>

This is called from the render() function:

<div className="col-md-3">
<select name="borrowerState" className="form-control dropDownStyle" onChange={this.handleChange} value={this.props.borrower.borrowerState}>

When the page attempts to load, I get this in the console:

Error: Minified React error #31; visit https://reactjs.org/docs/error-decoder.html?invariant=31&args[]=object%20with%20keys%20%7B1%7D&args[]= for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings. at e.exports (invariant.js:42)

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    Object are not valid as a child, from what I see each option and key and value is an object. You get something like this {1:10} for each option. – Second Son Jul 24 '18 at 5:48

You are rendering options which is an object inside your select options which is incorrect. You should modify your statesMap and render function as below.

populateOptions() {

        var statesMap = [{'id': 1, 'data': 10}, {'id': 2, 'data': 20}, {'id': 3, 'data': 30}];

        return statesMap.map((option) => (
            <option key={option.id} value={option.data}>{option.data}</option>

On a side note

Since JSON don't parse the values which have key as numeric, it always expects it to be string.

So your JSON still be valid if you change key to string value


enter image description here

However, keys which are not numeric, JSON automatically parse them into string -

var statesMap = [{name: 10}, {name: 20}, {name: 30}];

Like this is going to be parsed automatically because the key is considered to be a string.


enter image description here

I hope its clear.

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