How to implement the condition like value of 1 field should always be greater than the value of another field.

here's my schema

   value: Yup.number().required(''),
   value2: Yup.number().when('value',{
     is: (val) => something here
    then: Yup.number().required('Required').positive('value should be positive'),
    otherwise: Yup.number()

I want to check for value2 to always be > value. How to access value2's value in the when condition?


I'm not sure it's the right way to do it, but I'm using test.

Like this:

yourField: Yup.string().test('should-be-greather-than-yourField2', 'Should be greather than yourfield 2', function(value) {
  const otherFieldValue = this.parent.yourField2

  if (!otherFieldValue) {
    return true;
  return value > otherFieldValue;
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Try this if you want to compare more than condition between two fields

import * as Yup from 'yup';
value: Yup.number().required(''),
value2: Yup.number().required()
    'Should be more than value2'
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I'm not sure, but try is: (val) => Yup.number().moreThan(val)

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