For one of our Node.js app - we've a MongoDB collection like this:

    "field1": {
      "key1": true,
      "key2": false
    "field1": {
      "key1": true,
      "key2": true

which we need to update with the following logic:

  • For each document
    • if the field1 exists
      • if the key1 and key2 are true
        • set field1 to [key1, key2]
      • if the key1 and key2 are false
        • set field1 to []
      • if the key1 is true and key2 is false
        • set field1 to [key1]
      • if the key1 is false and key2 is true
        • set field1 to [key2]

As you can see I have multiple conditions here.

I know the following update command:

  }, {
    $set: {
      required updates
  }, {
    multi: true
  .then(() => {})
  .catch((err) => {});

Or probably I could loop on each document but that's too bare bone. Is there some advanced feature in MongoDB which can handle this?

The problem with this update command is that I cannot have multiple condition statements with multiple corresponding $set commands.

So the problem comes down to:

How to update a MongoDB collection based on multiple conditions and multiple corresponding $set commands.

  • You can't use calculated values in the update in the first place. Even unconditional update set field1 to [key1, key2] where key1, key2 come from the document itself won't work, see jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-11345 – Alex Blex Jul 24 '18 at 9:02

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