I have a page type (let's call it MyPageType) with a field PreviewImage that is of data type File.

I am trying to use the Kentico APIs to upload files from the server to that PreviewImage field on the MyPageType page type. From what I can see it seems that I have to upload the file somewhere and then the uploaded file will have a GUID that I can use for the PreviewImage field.



Here's your API example from documentation to insert an attachment into a page type field.

  • Thanks for the answer Trevor, but I am trying to upload a meta file not an attachment. If you add a file to a File field type through the portal engine then it does not get added to the page's attachments. – Adrian Bannister Jul 24 '18 at 13:20
  • If you are using a field of File type, then the file is a page attachment not a metafile. Metafiles are e.g. the teaser images for web parts or page templates.There are three types of attachments - grouped, unsorted and file field. Anyway, you can take inspiration from the Products API sample: // Creates a metafile object storing the e-product file MetaFileInfo metafile = new MetaFileInfo(eProductFile, newProduct.SKUID, "ecommerce.sku", "E-product"); // Saves the metafile to the database MetaFileInfoProvider.SetMetaFileInfo(metafile); – jurajo Jul 25 '18 at 9:47

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