In SPSS Statistics Syntax File, I am looking to create a variable that calculates rank based on a desired partitioned column (e.g. equivalent to SQL "rank over (partition by column_a order by column b)" in Oracle SQL developer).

Please see the example:

Initial data without any filters:

enter image description here

Final output after applying get_rank:

enter image description here


To create a rank variable as described, first sort your data and then use the LAG function.

SORT CASES BY column_a column_b .
IF ($CASENUM=1) rank=1 .
IF ($CASENUM>1 AND column_a~=LAG(column_a)) rank=1 .
IF ($CASENUM>1 AND column_a=LAG(column_a)) rank=LAG(rank) + 1 .

LAG will look at the value of column_a for the prior case. In the syntax above it checks whether the value in column_a is different from that of the prior case.

If it has, then it will set the rank to 1. If it hasn't, then it will add 1 to the rank of the prior case. Just make sure your data is properly sorted first.

From there, if you want to look only at records that are rank=1, you can either use FILTER BY or SELECT IF to do that.

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If indeed you only need the key to filter for key=1 then you can use this:

SORT CASES BY column_a column_b .
match files /file=* /by column_a /first=key1.

Now variable key1 will have value 1 for every first occurence of a column_a category, and you can use it to filter or select.

For a full ranking variable you can use this (don't even need to sort first):


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