I'd like to create a dynamic framework in Swift. However, I'm building this framework on top of another dependency called Parse, which is Objective-C based. I've seen various tutorials on how to create a framework in Xcode but none has covered a framework with its own dependency.

I tried to create a framework project and then importing the dependency by import statement

import parse

Since Parse itself is a dependency in the main project, it should be available to my framework as well but unfortunately it throws an error.

No such module 'Parse'

Then I thought to include the bridging header in my framework but then I came to know that bridging headers are not supported inside the framework.

So the question is: is it possible to create a Swift framework on top of Objc dependency in Xcode. And if so, how?


I have gone through the suggested post but I am unable to build the project.

What I did now: Included a module.modulemap file inside the Parse folder in framework:

module Parse {
  header "../../../Pods/Parse/Parse/Parse.h"
  export *


'Parse/ParseClientConfiguration.h' file not found



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