I'm using Artifactory 6.1.0 OSS version.

When I try to retrieve the latest zip that is located in a Generic repo, I can't get the file to download.

i searched the web and found: [https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/RTF/Artifactory+REST+API#ArtifactoryRESTAPI-RetrieveLatestArtifact[1]

But It's only relevant for the pro version of Atrifactory.

Anyone encounter this problem before?

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    Are you sure you are using version 1.17.1 of Artifactory? – Dror Bereznitsky Jul 24 at 16:45
  • I'm sorry! you're right, that's the version of the jfrog-cli, i wanted to download. i'll fix it – Ori Wiesel Jul 25 at 10:45

You will need to deploy the artifact according to layout, as explained here

You just need to do it once for a directory, and subsequently all artifacts in the directory can be downloaded using the -[RELEASE] syntax.

  • Thank you for your answer, but as i said, i'm using the OSS version AKA free version of artifactory, so i don't have there the kind of repo that i need (uploading npm and using Generic Repository). and as far as i've seen there is no "Deploy according to layout" check option there. – Ori Wiesel Jul 25 at 11:20

If you wish to achieve that out of the box, you will need to use features only available in Artifactory Pro: Layouts, Get latest version REST API.

  • i need to use the free version though. thanks – Ori Wiesel Aug 5 at 13:49

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