Below is what i get when i run ls -alF in the ftp directory:-

-rw-r--r-- 1 ssrftp ssssftp 3135 May 16 17:00 WAQ12.txt

Can someone explain me what are the different parameters ?

like -rw-r--r-- is permission what is 1 =? ssrftp =? ssssftp =? etc

  • The 1 is the hard link count to the file. ( See askubuntu.com/questions/19510/… ) ssrftp is the owner user of the file, ssssftp is the owner group of the file. Here we normally thank the people who help us...
    – Osakr
    Jul 25, 2018 at 10:18

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The -a option will show all hidden files and directories (Those who start with ."

The -l options shows the permissions, owner, group and more information

Finally the -F classify the results in files and folders. Adding a "/" at the end of the row for each folder. In case the file is a binary it will put a different character. It's a parameter to make things more visual when you have a lot of files and directories with different extensions.

  • "@" Is shown when a file is a symbolic link
  • "*" When is executable
  • "/" Means that is a directory
  • "|" for pipes.


You can use man ls in order to know more parameters of ls

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