I have been trying to see if we should setup a GCS bucket with region or multi-region. The needs today are regional only.

I am wondering if there is an option to change from region only to multi-region at a later point in time?

This also saves some $'s till we move to multi-region setting. Just having it enabled, doesn't help us much today.

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There is no one-step solution for moving objects from being regional to multi-regional. If you have a bucket containing a lot of regional objects and you want them to be multi-regional, you'll need to copy them into a new multi-regional bucket. The Cloud Storage Transfer Service can manage this for you, or you can do it with gsutil.

You can change a bucket's configuration to cause new objects to have a different storage class, but it won't effect existing objects. Also, this will only help you switching to and from nearline and coldine storage classes, as multi-regional and regional storage classes do not share locations, and bucket locations cannot be changed.

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