I have this selector in my component whose default state is '' (empty) string but when change event is fired user can select any one of the three values that is 6, 12 or 24

it("feedform testing the selector feed frequency for value of 6, 12, 24 ", () => {
  const addFeedForm = shallow(
      submitForm={() => {}}
      setFeedData={() => {}}
        status: null,
        error: {
          formsubmitwarning: "",
          feedname: "",
          feedurl: "",
          feedposttype: "",
          feedfrequency: "",
          feedpost: "",
          feedhashtag: "",
          formloginid: ""
  expect(addFeedForm.state().feedfrequency).toEqual(6 || 12 || 24);

Now while writing unit test cases for this I quickly went through jest documentation to find matcher for any one of the three value but found no matcher that does that

I even tried using || (or) operator in toEqual and toBe matcher but as u guessed it didn't work is there a way to make it work or should I skip the test all together.

Note: I am using enzyme with jest


In order to one among the expected value, you can reverse the comparison and test it using toContain method like

expect([6, 12, 24]).toContain(addFeedForm.state().feedfrequency) 

There is no method on the Jest API to match multiple values.

A way to do this check is using a regex:


The jest-extended library provides a .toBeOneOf([members]) matcher:

it("feedform testing the selector feed frequency for value of 6, 12, 24 ", () => {
  expect(addFeedForm.state().feedfrequency).toBeOneOf([6, 12, 24]);

Another way to achieve this is to do the comparison outside of Jest's assertion and simply expect that to be true:

    addFeedForm.state().feedfrequency === 6 ||
    addFeedForm.state().feedfrequency === 12 ||
    addFeedForm.state().feedfrequency === 24
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    The disadvantage of this approach is assertions without actual data that caused the problem, whilst toContain would highlight such data. – Shiraz Apr 10 '19 at 10:41

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