When I type a . after writing an object instance's name, Eclipse shows a list of all methods available for this instance, including methods of superclasses that the object extends.

If I am working with an object implementing some interface, I have to search for the "interesting" methods among the "boring" Object-level methods such as notify() or getClass().

Can I have Eclipse sort the methods so that the ones declared in subclasses come first?


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To change sorting:

Go to Preferences > Java > Editor > Content Assist > Sorting and Filtering.

To filter entries:

Go to Preferences > Java > Appearance > Type filters.


Usually we don't use autocompletion to study an objects interface. OK, I sometimes do it, like I want to see all getters - but in that case I just type .get and have a filtered list.

Usually, autocompletion is used to speed up coding - type the first few letters of a method name (for example) and hit return. And this doesn't even need a sorting. (and if, then I really prefer the ascending alphabetically order).

To study the interface, its much better - to my opinion - to take a short break, open the object type in a separate editor and examine the outline view and the java doc.

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